short instructions

Store’s bank  account 

Bank’s name ;    Faisal Islamic Bank

Account number: 51140021

Account name:   Mohammed Taha Mohammed Ali 

Account branch : AlRiyadh  Branch

Step 1 : copy the important details ( order ID, TOTAL , Account number )

Store’s bank  account details

Bank’s name ;    Faisal Islamic Bank

Account number: 1909380013002347600


Account branch : AlRiyadh  Branch

   Order ID : 22     Total : 460

Step 2:  login to your Mbank account and go to transfer


Step 3: inter the details of store’s account ‘make sure the account number and name of account are the same ‘’   ( fill  phone , total , order id )

 Step 4 : confirm the payment before you go take screenshot of the confirmation page

Step 5: go back to website and upload the  payment confirmation

Step 6: press confirm payment and you’ve done  , just wait our representative will contact you to confirm order and delivery time